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Luke Evans - Sports Movement Specialist (MSc)

Do You Struggle With Flexibility? 

Do You Have A Limited Range Of Movement?

Does Playing Golf Cause You Physical Pain?

The Benefits Of Working With A Sports Movement Coach

  • Improving Fitness levels and Flexibility is proven to improve swing movements

  • We can help with injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Sessions with input from both PGA Coach and Sports Movement Coach to help reach your goals.

  • Better movement = Better Golf = More Enjoyment = Reaching your potential

About Luke Evans

Luke Evans MSc is a rehabilitation and movement specialist that comes highly recommended by every athlete he has helped to reach their personal & professional goals. Luke has extensive experience, all stemming from playing professional football himself and later running as an 800m elite athlete. Luke has worked with professional football clubs, individual professional football players and commonwealth elite athletes. Amongst the elite athletes, Luke also helps a wide range of people reach fitness and flexibility levels that they though not possible. Luke’s background in sports science means he is a fully insured level 4 sports therapist and level 3 personal trainer.


Luke was introduced to the Angus Hoare Golf Academy by Churchill & Blakedown member, Andy Blackwell. Andy won’t mind us mentioning that he has had real issues with his back, a common complaint amongst golfers. Luke has worked (and is still working) with Andy to improve his range of movement, strength, conditioning and injury prevention. Luke and Angus have worked together to get Andy into more athletic positions in the golf swing leading to a much more efficient action and most importantly, conditioning work that means Andy can enjoy his golf pain free.


Luke will be working with the Academy as our resident expert on improving your movement, your fitness and your enjoyment from the game. 

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